Fembot Invasion

16 Dec

Just in time for Halloween of 2011, Svedka released an official Svedka_Grl costume. The costume has long sleeves and long pants in order to cover most human skin with a blue/gray metal print fabric. There is a zipper down the center, which gives the woman the ability to choose how cleavage-revealing the costume should be. The costume has the fembot’s body printed on the costume, but because no woman would be as thin as svedka_grl, the areas surrounding her body are black. So the woman wearing the costume has highlighted: her breasts, center of her torso, and a sliver of arms and legs. The suit is skin tight, and most women chose to have the zippered pulled down so that their cleavage was exposed. What I found interesting is who Svedka was promoting for wearing the costume. About a month before Halloween, pictures of JWOW from The Jersey Shore were released of her being “fitted” for the costume, which appeared to be her walking around a house in the costume. A few days before Halloween, Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives of Atlanta was photographed walking around her house with the costume on. Wife of famous rapper, and reality TV star, Coco Austin was chosen to model the Svedka_Grl costume in a fashion show that was part of New York’s fashion week. All the women that were chosen to represent SVEDKA in Svedka_Grl costumes have very pronounced curves, obvious plastic surgery, and are portrayed in the media as superficial. This type of message only reinforces their promotions of an unnatural, body focused lifestyle. Shortly after Halloween, SVEDKA put together a team of girls in New York City to appear in various bars and nightclubs. What was unique about their fleet of women was that it was a large group of about twenty of them that traveled together. The group was called “Fembot Invasion,” which projects a robot takeover of the bar.


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