Becoming Bot

16 Dec

SVEDKA created Svedka_Grl to promote their futuristic playground and fantasy lifestyle in hopes of establishing an emotional connection between consumers and SVEDKA. Marketing director Marina Hahn described Svedka_Grl as fun and flirty, and hoped that SVEDKA vodka would enable consumers to tap into their fun and flirty side. On their facebook, SVEDKA has the slogan “R.U. Bot or Not” listed in the about me section. The area dedicated to company mission statement describes the “bot” way of life as: “BOTS are the ultimate party machines, Wired for fun, flirtation and fantasy, BOTS want it all, And they want it now, BOTS are the next generation of vodka lovers, And the party is just beginning.” Every contest or promotional image posted on the company’s facebook relates back to “R.U. Bot or Not.” For example, there is a weekly contests where the audience is supposed to rate photos taken of people drinking SVEDKA as “bot” or “not.” SVEDKA created an atmosphere on the page, and consumers run with it. There are hundreds of photos posted and tagged by fans of themselves holding a bottle of SVEDKA, drinking SVEDKA, or amongst friends and SVEDKA. A large portion of these photos indicate a sexual tone. Fans also use the facebook wall to say that they are “getting crazy wit SVEDKA 2nite” or share drink recipes. After Halloween, SVEDKA asked fans to submit photos of themselves wearing the Svedka_Grl costume, and three women were chosen as hottest fembots. Comments on the pictures ranged from “sexy” to “I’m Jealous” and several men said something along the lines of “I want one.” The company can only do so much to create and present a way of perceiving the brand, it is the consumers that make it a reality. The way that the fans embrace the futuristic fembot concept is surprising to me, Svedka_Grl must feel so accomplished.


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