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2 Dec

The ad campaigns in the 1970s and 1980s for Miller Lite proved to be very effective. The ads featured famous sports-related people which attracted Miller Lite’s target audience, males in their 20s and 30s.  YouTube, on the other hand, attracts adolescents more than older generations and the adolescents are the ones who are negatively commenting on these ‘Man Up’ commercials. This may be because YouTube is generally for a younger generation who does not like or drink Miller Lite as much as the older generations.

Using YouTube for ad campaigns is a great way to get a lot of viewers because the videos will always be up so people can go back to it or watch it whenever they want. When ads are only on the television, people can’t just go back to them for their own viewing pleasure.

However, Miller Lite has only posted a few videos on their YouTube channel. All of the Man Up commercials are posted either by fans of Miller Lite or just random people. Since Miller Lite is targeting older people anyway, this is probably why the advertisers are not bothering to put up the commercials. Their target audience does not use YouTube as much as adolescents.  The question is, then, how does Miller Lite make their advertisements openly available to their target audience? It is obvious that putting advertisements on YouTube is a great marketing strategy for other companies, but Miller Lite has not put much effort into using YouTube as a main tool for their advertisements.

YouTube is a good platform for advertisements because not only is YouTube for viewing videos, it is also for searching for videos.  People that upload videos can put in keywords so that when people search for certain videos, the Miller Lite commercials may also come up.  Also, because people are allowed to comment on every video, people can express their like or dislike for the Man Up ads openly without worrying what other people think about their opinions. In fact, a lot of the commenters on the Man Up ads fight with each other about whether the ads are getting their message across in a decent manner. YouTube makes it very easy for people to watch videos instantly and to express their opinions.

Miller Lite sales have dropped significantly the past few years.  Due to the drop in sales, Miller Lite created the Man Up campaign to draw people back to their brand.  Unfortunately for Miller Lite, the new Man Up campaign did not bring them out of their sales slump.  This may be because of many peoples’ dislike for the ads or maybe there are other reasons for this decline in sales.


One Response to “YouTube Platform”

  1. katiezeke December 6, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

    It’s so interesting that a significant amount of people have such strong feelings about the commercials, that they feel compelled to share their thoughts. I’m somewhat surprised that a beer commercial is stirring up conversation on youtube. I wonder if the people that defend the commercials, actually buy miller lite, and if the people that were disgusted really avoid consuming it. Like you, I’m curious as to whether the sales slump has anything to do with the man up campaign. I’m interested to see if Miller Lite takes the comments into consideration, and comes up with something less sexist. Paulina, I sense that you are among those that aren’t keen on the Man Up campaign. Would you avoid purchasing this brand because of their ads?

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