Final Facebook Facts

2 Dec

I have decided to focus the rest of my research on the comments that fans post to the Pinnacle Vodka Facebook page, as well as the provocative language that Pinnacle Vodka uses on the page.  From I will be relating comments from fans to the information from articles I have read about how advertisements and fan pages, such as Pinnacle Vodka’s Facebook, affect women and men differently.

Since my last post about fan activity, the community has grown immensely.  The amount of people following Pinnacle Vodka is now at 195,335 compared to a few weeks ago when the number was 185,418. Pinnacle Vodka’s Facebook page is their social media hub.

With the large jump in the fan community, Pinnacle Vodka recently updated their Facebook page to include other components of their social media campaign.  On the sidebar of their page are now links to YouTube, Twitter, Coupons and much more.  Pinnacle Vodka continues to post multiple messages a day in order to keep fans interested. Posts by Pinnacle usually have over 300 likes a day.

Most fans on the Facebook page are looking for direct connections through the consumption of Pinnacle Vodka.  They are asking questions, posting recipes, talking about parties; basically fans are looking for anyway to connect with each other over the product.

The female fans are more interactive on the site.  They post more comments on pictures and the wall.  The comments on the wall are recipes that they came up with or feel that other fans should try.  When I looked at the comments attached to certain pictures on the page, the female audience commented the most.

Some of the images were print ads that Pinnacle Vodka had used during their “Whipped So Good” campaign.  Women were commenting under the advertisements saying things like, “I need to get “whipped!” LOL.”  Comments like these can be seen throughout the page.

Most fans agree that Pinnacle Vodka is “yummy”, has “great recipes” and is “cheap” or “fun to drink”.  Something else they agree on is the hangover the next morning.  Many comments are similar to, “Dear whip cream vodka, you are the best. But, you leave me with the worst hangovers.  But, it’s ok. <3.”

The way that fans are interacting with the Pinnacle Vodka Facebook page certainly is publicizing their product.  Even though there are many comments about hangovers and bad effects of drinking, I have yet to see Pinnacle Vodka post a statement about drinking responsibly If females feel they want to “get whipped” they are going to drink the product and a lot of it in order to do that.  Pinnacle Vodka should look into postings about how much males vs. females should drink of their product each night.

Through the fan community and support from Pinnacle Vodka, female fans will continue to feel connected to one another. Certain comments and images leave women feeling that drinking irresponsibly and wanting to feel sexy may go hand in hand, but are definitely two normal things to want.  Pinnacle Vodka’s Facebook page tells a lot about the consumer base and brand of the product.  I am excited to finish my research and celebrate with something besides a Pinnacle Vodka drink.


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