Cheap Chic

2 Dec

Hi! I’m Katie Zarebicki, and I am researching Svedka Vodka. Svedka Vodka was an appealing brand to research because it is an affordable vodka with an upscale look and taste(I think). After initially “googling” svedka vodka, I came across various images of the different Svedka bottles. I realized that there were two different bottle designs, and one looked particularly better. I was able to find journal articles and different customer reviews that confirmed Svedka had adopted a new bottle design in early 2009.

The bottle transformed from a wide body with an average bottle neck to a tapered attractive bottle with a collared neck. The change in bottle shape looks like pre 2009 Svedka bottle was sent away to fat camp and returned as a sleek, mature, and confident new vodka. The graphics on the bottle were also updated to look more modern, trendy, and eye catching. This new vodka bottle is the Svedka I know and love; in fact, I can’t seem to recall any billboards or magazine advertisements featuring anything but Svedka bottle 2.0.

So what does all this bottle talk have to do with cheap chic, you ask?  The answer is branding. Senior Vice President of marketing for Spririts Marque One (Svedka’s U.S. importer) Marina Hahn said that the packaging “had to look equally attractive lit up on the back-bar of a hip club as well as lining a club store’s shelf.” This quote is very telling of the customer base Svedka is targeting. They seem to be aiming for sexy, young, and hip; as well as money conscious home drinkers. There is of course, room for overlap between the two categories.

Marina Hahn coined the term “Cheap Chic” which she defined as a as “a high-quality, premium product with a hip brand image sold at an affordable price.” This new bottle that accompanies the new “cheap chic” campaign, targeting a newly defined audience perfectly accompanies the new  face of Svedka: Svedka_Grl. Svedka_Grl is a futuristic fembot that claims Svedka is the best vodka of 2033.

It appears that the term “cheap chic” is specifically attractive to hip twenty-somethings, and the image that Svedka has decided is most appealing to aforementioned group, is futuristic sexy. Image


One Response to “Cheap Chic”

  1. powlina December 8, 2011 at 12:23 am #

    Hey Katie! I think it’s really interesting how much Svedka Vodka changed their bottle design. Did this new design help boost sales at all? I agree that it looks much more appealing for a younger generation than their last bottle. I am curious as to whether Svedka Vodka’s demographics changed at all because of the switch.

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