Man Up

30 Nov

The Man Up Campaign has received a lot of feedback on YouTube. All of the Man Up videos are uploaded by fans, none of them are uploaded from the official Miller Lite page. The most views any of the commercials has gotten is 400,000 views.  The Man Up campaign has the same theme in every commercial: a male asks a female bartender for a light beer, she asks if he cares how it tastes, he says he doesn’t care, and she tells him when he starts caring to start acting more manly then he can come back to get a Miller Lite instead of a regular light beer.  All of the bartenders in these commercials show way too much attitude toward their male customers. The bartender is very rude and nosy by chastising the males for wearing feminine clothing or having feminine accessories. Their rude comments on the male’s appearance are completely unprovoked because the male customers are usually nice in the commercial until he is made fun of by the bartender.  And even then, he doesn’t yell back or lose his temper.  After getting made fun of, he walks away while looking embarrassed and not sure of how to come up with a good come-back. At the end of the ad, the male returns to his group of buddies and gets made fun of by his guy friends as well. This creates a lot of insecurities for the male because he isn’t accepted by being himself in front of his friends or strangers.

I looked at a few hundred comments on different Man Up commercials.  There were a lot of comments made by males saying how they would never tolerate any female bartender chastising them the way the bartender does in the commercial.  Many of the comments suggest that drinking Miller Lite isn’t manly at all, and if they wanted to be manly they would drink a “real beer”.  There are also comments telling the people complaining that they should “lighten up” and just realize it’s a joke.  These comments say that people should just appreciate the commercial and stop taking it so seriously.  A lot of the viewers who comment actually get into fights about whether the Man Up commercials are truly offensive or not.  Some people call others “gay” for bashing the construction of masculinity and femininity in the ads.  Other people think these ads are a real problem and the people who came up with the campaign should be fired.  There were some males that ignored the whole message of the commercial and just commented on how attractive the bartender was or even asked what the actress’s name was. Since every one of these ads stars a very attractive female bartender, it’s no surprise that some male viewers didn’t focus too much on the content of the actual ad and just focused on the female actress.

A lot of males were offended by these ads because they’re sexist and play on men’s insecurities.  These ads insinuate that in order to be manly you need to drink a Miller Lite.  These ads are very direct with their gender stereotyping which is why they are getting such harsh feedback. There is no subtlety in the message Miller Lite is trying to get across. Basically, Miller Lite is saying ‘drink our beer or you’ll be less masculine and get made fun of for it’.


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