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16 Nov

Isn’t it amazing how quickly things spread over the Internet?  Websites like Facebook and YouTube have made information travel within seconds.  News Feeds and Tweets allow for everyone to view new posts, pictures or videos without even digging deep into the sites.  Just look at Facebook for example; everything is posted right within the News Feed as you log onto the main page.  Users now go as far as to post links from one social media site on other social media sites.  The connections are endless.

Through my research on Pinnacle Vodka I have found they have a strong social networking presence on many popular sites including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.  Their strongest presence is on Facebook with over 183,418 “likes” as well as 13,860 different users posting on the Pinnacle Vodka wall.

Pinnacle Vodka has daily posts about what their group’s members will be drinking each evening.  Not only are they advertising for their product, but they are providing users a reason to comment as well.  Recent posts include: “Who’s in for Sunday Funday,” “What are you drinking tonight?” and “Just go talk to her, but make sure you bring her a Pinnacle cocktail J.”  These comments are all updated onto the Pinnacle Vodka wall; the comments are used to provoke two-way communication between the product and its consumers.

The connection to fans that Pinnacle Vodka has made through Facebook is exactly what White Rock Chief Executive Officer, Paul Coulombe, attributes all of the hype surrounding this vodka too.  “Everybody was talking about it.  Everyone who tasted it would tell 100 of their (Facebook) friends,” stated Coulombe. It became a fan-based culture of advertising.  The consumers created a connection to Pinnacle Vodka and wanted to share their experiences with others who felt the same.  In turn the discussions on the Facebook Wall became positive advertisements for Pinnacle Vodka.  Sales continued to increase as more “likes” appeared through Facebook.

Consumers have produced YouTube videos detailing their use of Pinnacle Vodka.  “White Rock’s Chief Financial Officer, John Suczynski stated that homemade YouTube videos also spread the word.”  “There are people doing commercials for us.”  Even though Pinnacle Vodka does have their own YouTube Channel, well-known YouTube stars such as OneQuirkyGirl have uploaded videos promoting Pinnacle Whipped.  These YouTube stars already have established followers and in turn are becoming free advertisements for Pinnacle Vodka.

The use of all these different social media pathways for Pinnacle Vodka has created an active consumer rather than a passive one.  Consumers of Pinnacle Vodka created a community around the product.  They check in on the Facebook wall for updates and actively participate in the different discussions.  The consumers have developed “talk” about the product through an online community.

As more and more people try Pinnacle, their fan-based community continues to build. Pinnacle Vodka has created a self-sustaining advertisement campaign through social media.  The campaign for this product is booming and the chief executives of White Rock are more than pleased with all the free advertisement they are receiving through their active consumers.

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One Response to “Fan Activity”

  1. powlina November 20, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    I think it’s really clever of Pinnacle to create such a fan-based culture for their vodka. It must be really helpful that fans of Pinnacle are basically doing all the advertising for them. Do you think that the real Pinnacle advertisements are attracting more customers at this point or do you think the fan videos are making more of a difference?

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