Responses to ML Commercials

4 Nov

This week I focused my research on peoples’ responses to the Miller Lite commercials that are on YouTube. Because these commercials are targeted for men, more men watched and commented on these videos than women did. The commercial that got the most positive feedback was the commercial with the two women arguing whether Miller Lite was the best because of its ‘great taste’ or because it is ‘less filling’ which ended with the girls having a catfight and ripping each others’ clothes off.  While I found this advertisement to be particularly offensive to women, the males viewing this video obviously had little-to-no issues with it. The marketers for Miller Lite are using women as sexual objects to appeal to the male population and to sexualize the Miller Lite brand. This commercial had the most views (a little over 1 million) than any other Miller Lite commercial on YouTube. Here is the link:

Miller Lite also uses women as sexual marketing strategies with the ‘Miller Lite Girls’. Although the Miller Lite Girls have nothing to do with the YouTube commercials, they still are successful for increasing sales for the Miller Lite brand. Mostly, these girls to go bars in their Miller Lite outfits, but at some events the girls are actually topless with just body paint covering their breasts.  At these events, the girls had on body paint that looked like condensation on a beer bottle.  Basically this symbolizes that these women’s bodies are just objects, just like a beer bottle is.  I find this to be very offensive to women.

The wave of commercials that received the most negative feedback was the ‘Man Up’ advertisements.  These commercials featured a man in a bar with some feminine accessory who was told to “man up” from the attractive female bartender. A lot of male and female viewers expressed outrage toward these commercials. They said that these ads were demeaning and insulting for insinuating that any man wearing skinny jeans, wearing a scarf, having a carry-all etc. should stop being so feminine. The ads imply that a male is less of a man for acting or dressing like a woman in any way. This is very offensive for men in general, especially homosexual men who may dress more feminine.  These ads are destructive for men because they confirm oppressive gender norms. I am interested to hear what the markers for Miller Lite have to say about all the negative comments on these commercials.


One Response to “Responses to ML Commercials”

  1. plgnet November 22, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    I think it is so crazy how much attention the ‘Man Up’ advertisements received in reference to being demeaning towards men. There have been so many advertisements that put woman down and reference the inferiority that goes along with being female. This advertisement may be demeaning towards men, but it is also insulting women. The men viewing this advertisement are supposed to look at being feminine as a bad thing, once again putting the female gender down. It is so interesting to me that there became this huge uprising over such an advertisement.

    Were the comments made by both males and females? If so, did women think it was demeaning toward males or females?

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