Whipped or Wowed

21 Oct

Hey there! My name is Paige and I have taken on the study of Pinnacle Vodka for this particular project.  From speaking with a handful of college students, ages 18-21, I have learned that the majority of college students view Pinnacle Vodka as a female drink.  Although many males admit to enjoying the taste of this “candy-coated” vodka, ultimately they will still proclaim that it’s a “girly drink.”

As my research began on Pinnacle Vodka I had this mindset that I would find a lot of advertisements geared towards women.  Not really knowing where to start I chose Pinnacle Vodka’s homepage.  It led me straight to an area labeled “advertising.”  “Perfect,” I thought.

The first few advertisement samples were spot on.  They were advertisements featuring typical feminine household chores such as laundry, cooking and cleaning.  In each advertisement a male model would be struggling to accomplish these everyday “feminine” tasks. The caption that succeeded the pictures read, “Whipped So Good;” a play on the way a man can be controlled by a woman.

To me these advertisements were gendered toward women, I felt empowered.  Pinnacle Vodka wanted woman to see these advertisements and think, “If I drink Pinnacle Vodka, I can get my guy to do anything.”  What woman wouldn’t want that?  So with these gendered advertisements I gave credit to Pinnacle Vodka for providing empowerment to woman.

With a positive experience coming from Pinnacle Vodka’s advertisements I continued to click away, I wanted to see more!  This time the advertisements that appeared were not what I expected.  They used woman’s body parts, specifically their bare bottoms, to entice men into drinking their vodka.  The advertisements featured actual Playboy models posing with their, “Bottoms Up.”  How could this be?  A simple advertisement had just changed my mind about their product.  I went from feeling empowered to feeling degraded.

Pinnacle Vodka had mastered their advertisements so well that they could market their product to any gender using different slogans.  If they advertised in a generally female audience magazine, they had a one slogan.  If they advertised in a generally male audience magazine, they had another.  I became interested to see how they could incorporate the two gender sides into each media they use.

As I continue my research on Pinnacle Vodka I hope to answer some of the following questions.   Is Pinnacle Vodka in partnership with Playboy? If so, how does their partnership affect sales?  What other technology strategies is Pinnacle Vodka using to target audiences?  Is the main consumer of Pinnacle Vodka male or female?

More to come later but till then, check out this link:   http://www.pinnaclevodka.com/advertising

Are you Whipped or Wowed  by their advertisements?



One Response to “Whipped or Wowed”

  1. jengallo November 4, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    I really like the title of your post! I wonder who they had in mind when they developed this product.

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